What kind of Holistic Life Counselling do I give?

I do general counseling of all kinds of problems and issues. I use for the counseling different therapies, like RET and NLP and Coaching techniques. If requested I can also use Meditative therapy. I usually don’t use meditative therapy immediately unless requested, as it is a powerful tool to get into contact with the subconscious. It is only needed when after certain sessions there seems to be an unconscious problem or when you already know that the problem lies in the subconscious.

Meditative therapy can be used for all kinds of behavioral problems, fears, problems with certain limiting beliefs, or addictions. However you have to be willing to believe and stand for the treatment, as you can subconsciously influence the treatment when you are not really willing to go for it. You have to make up your mind and then we can use hypnotherapy to strengthen your subconscious choice making.


In the intake you will tell your story, and we will determine the plan. We get to know each other, and I will explain the procedures. We can already solve some little things, but the main reason is so you can tell your story and I will explain what can be done and how I can help you.

Extended Intake

With an extended intake, the first intake is immediately a counseling session and there can be already a lot that happens. During the first intake the course of the treatments will be determined. The course is never solid, and you can always decide if you’ve been helped enough on your way. Each session is on its own. If you know the problems are deep within you, and you need more space to talk about your issue, we can plan a session of 1,5 hour. This is enough for a first intake and a well rounded counseling session.


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