Sexuality and the Female Cycle

During the female cycle you can notice different changes in sexual preference. It is already proven that slightly before menstruation a woman desires a more masculine man in the traditional sense of the warrior, while after the menstruation she desires more a man with nurturing qualities. Also the temperament of the woman changes during her cycle. Just before her menstruation the woman is more lustful and less compassionate, she is more connected to the animalistic side which is represented by the myth of Lilith, the first wife of Adam. Lilith is the independent, sexual woman who wants to claim equal rights and equality in the relationship. After the menstruation the woman turns into the more nurturing and compassionate woman, the woman you might normally know as your girlfriend/spouse/wife, which is resembled with the Eve. So men normally notice the shift when a woman becomes more aggressive or bitchy, but they don’t always connect that it can happen before her period, so not just during the period. It is not only physical but also an emotional/inner shift of focus.

I wrote about menstrual cycle and how the woman subconsciously feels she didn’t create a baby this time, so she becomes cranky, which doesn’t have anything to do with if the woman really wants to have a child or not. It is a primal urge that is connected to the female cycle, which is there to create a child in the most preferable case. The cranky woman is another side of the archetype of the wild woman, which can be associated with the Hecate archetype, the woman that shines through when a woman is actually not able to give birth anymore, so after menopause. The Hecate also has other qualities, like herbal knowledge, wisdom, wisdom of life, intuition and sorcery. This archetype is potent in every woman depending how much she is in tune with her own feminine side.

If a woman’s period is irregular or uncontrolled, it might be difficult to recognize the pattern, but every women potentially has the Lilith, eve paradigm in her. It is sometimes also referred to as the madonna/whore complex, which is more offensive to women, but it is somewhat the same. It is healthy as a woman to have both sides developed in you, some people would also see it as the balance of male and female energy in the woman, it doesn’t really matter how you call it, but it is important to recognize it in yourself. A woman is not always submissive and obedient, the duality is in the nature of the woman, and it is deforming the natural image of a total woman if you leave the rebellious/independent/sexual/assertive woman out of the picture.

The role of obedience is more or less a cultural phenomena of how society is shaped, and how roles between men and women are divided. Off course obedience is a good trait, but independence to think for yourself is also something to admire. However, it sometimes seems that some men can get intimidated by the independent women archetype, which is why they like the more obedient women. The obedient women is actually half complete, because the energy is only passive, instead it should be in balance. A woman giving birth also needs a lot of power to create, which is not only soft and cuddly power. Balance of both the Lilith and the Eve makes a strong and caring woman. This takes time and effort to develop, because of the patriarchal culture that women are nowadays raised in.

When a woman is fully grown is her sexuality, she can also use her sexuality as a way of channeling heavenly intuition, healing and insight into her life. She can use this gift even after menopause, because it is not related to giving birth, it is related to sexual transformation and spiritual practice.

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