How can we relate the moon cycle to the menstrual cycle?

The moon cycle symbolism go’s in the same way as your menstrual cycle go’s. Just the menstrual cycle is your personal “moon cycle” of your body. So when you start counting from the day 1 (regular 28 day cycle) of your menstrual cycle, when your menstrual blood comes, at day 4 you have the feeling of the crescent moon, where everything starts to grow a bit by bit. You might have a new idea, or a new wish that you want to materialize. It is associated with the beginning of spring, ending of winter, element earth.

At day 7 you are in your first quarter (waxing moon), you feel like you want to grow ideas and have ambitions. This is also the time you might come out of your zone and talk about it with people. You feel good in your skin, and things will fall into place as you find yourself working towards your ambitions and goals. You plan nice events and you are up and going. Your left brain works quite good and you absorb information and learn better. This phase is also associated with spring, element air.

At day 11, you are at your spike in estrogen level in your body, which makes you attractive and you might are more sexual or intimate than normal. This is in the gibbous time.

At day 14 you are at your maximum, high energy, ovulating and you might want to dance and sing. This is also the time that you might over-plan your agenda as you feel more energized. It is better to plan appointments 4 weeks later, when you are again in this same phase. You also bring your ideas in the world what you were thinking 2 weeks ago, when you started to have bubbling ideas. This phase is also associated with summer, element fire.

After ovulation another voice inside the head of a woman might start to talk, it is a more nagging and critical voice. She is sharp and analyzing all things. She might be critical on the world and on herself. She can be impatient and also knows what is unnecessary weight in life. After ovulation your behavior will become more introverted. This is called sinking inside yourself.

After day 21 the voice might become more harsh and annoying than you want, especially if you have to perform outside as a career under pressure. If you don’t take time to relax, reflect and go inwards, it might be that you become nagging and crabby. This is the third quarter moon of your menstrual cycle. It is good in this time to reflect and let go of things. It might also be that your inner voice is bitter because of things you didn’t reach or finish. It is also associated with the season of fall, element water.

When your menstrual cycle finally comes, it can feel for a lot of women also as a liberation or relaxing, besides the physical complaints, as your mind can finally relax and let go of things, the past and everything that you don’t want to carry anymore. Listen to your body, maybe you just want to relax and enjoy time by yourself. It is associated with winter. It is the time between dark moon, building towards the menstrual cycle and new moon, beginning at 3 to 4 days after day 1 of your menstrual cycle. At your menstrual cycle again, you start with a new cycle of phases. You might want to paint, draw, write in your journal or think of new ideas again. Remember your deepest wishes, dreams and hopes to give shape next cycle again.


As you can see, a woman’s cycle can initially tell you how a woman’s psychological and biological brain works during the month. It is not as steady as with men, that they think of something, execute it, and stay with it firmly. Women are much more flexible and movable by their cycle, especially if women are also listening to their cycle, they can make good use of their creativity during their cycle. This can also show a reason why women can think of so many things or have so many different hobbies and activities during their month. Also, you can see that there is a moment where a woman is going to start new ventures, as it is the beginning of her cycle. This is an important moment to see if you are going to start something new, or if you are going to restart something that you thought of some cycles before. If you have an irregular cycle, it might be more difficult to find your phases, but in principle these phases follow each other.

You also see the resemblance of the critical voice that many women have after ovulating and around their ovulation, especially one week before ovulation, they might be cranky and crabby. During ovulation it might be a release, but still some women are in the same phase of the cranky voice, because biologically your body works to make the egg, and your uterus thinks there is going to be a fertilized egg. In some way the female body just wants to get pregnant every time it releases a healthy egg. It is the purpose of releasing the fertile healthy egg. So the cranky women voice is actually the resembling of the biological body saying that she didn’t get pregnant this time, regardless of the woman consciously wants to get pregnant or not. It is just the menstrual cycle talking actually, not the conscious brain.

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