Book: Integral Life Practice – Ken Wilber et al.

Integral Life Practice – Ken Wilber, Terry Patten, Adam Leonard & Marco Morelli

This is a very well written book about Transpersonal Psychology. It covers the Mind, Body and Spirit field and has a huge introduction on the shadow side of human kind and how to coop with your shadow side.

This is an important vision in psychology and also to deal with psychological disorders like psychosis or schizophrenia, as these people might emphasize on negative thoughts, split ideas that may come from an unacknowledged part of the subconscious and so on. The theory to invite yourself to talk to your own subconscious and to talk to ideas outside you is quite insightful.

The main idea of the shadow side is that the things that you don’t like in your surroundings are projections of things inside yourself that you might not acknowledge. The purpose is to go in contact with that part (of yourself), and understand the wisdom behind it. I find it quite remarkable that this dialogue between yourself and your outer (unacknowledged) parts can give some real insights in how you are judging and perceiving things in a different shape, even though you really have a choice in how you look positive/negative/neutral/attached/detached/accepting (etcetera) to it. It gives insight into why you don’t like certain things, or why you feel a certain way about something, because you get to tune in to the meaning for you that you give to that certain (annoying) thing.

The book also explains about our evolution in worldview as a whole, how we grow from survival to transcendence as individual but also as a whole human community at large. This is described as the idea of chakra’s, starting with the root chakra (survival, red) to the crown chakra (transcendence, indigo).

There are really a lot of idea’s and insights in this book, and it is quite good and readable to understand the meaning of Transpersonal Psychology. If you are interested in a combination of Western and Eastern Psychology and Philosophy you are definitely going to like this book. The book is also good as an introduction in a holistic view on Psychology, as it covers mind, body, spirit and shadow side. The text is also made clear with some nice pictures and images. Overall a really nice book. I really enjoyed reading this book.

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