Life Counselling

I give life counselling for women. I use different counselling techniques to reach a set goal. Counselling is about the client talking and the counselor listens. I can give useful feedback and advice if wanted and needed. I can help with different ranging difficulties.

Relationship & Sexual Counselling

As I do counselling for all kinds of problems, I’m geared towards female issues, relationship questions, sexuality, love and single questions. This is a part of my counselling where I focus on.

Doula: Fertility & Pregnancy Service

I offer all kinds of services for women that want to get pregnant, pregnant women and new mothers. You can adjust packages to your needs. A package is cheaper than individual services. You can always add more services on the go, if there is place in the schedule.

Spirituality Counselling: Astrology & Tarot

I give spiritual astrology sessions for people that like to know more about what the stars have to say about you, your life and your relationship(s). I give Tarot consults, but it is not my main focus, I use it more as support method with astrology, to fine tune and understand how the dynamics are at this specific moment. 

Food & Life Style Coaching

I am educated in Ayurveda & Orthomolecular food science. I use my knowledge of healthy life style and eating habits to guide you to the right balance for you. I consider personal likes and dislikes and emotional eating as it can be a big part of why people eat certain food.

Healing & Massage

I offer different types of body massages for all types of women, including pregnant women and women that want to have a deeper massage. I use different techniques and attributes to give a great massage experience, with a nice ambiance and optimal relaxation. 

If requested I can give a body massage longer or shorter than is shown on the website, and I can use aromatic oil or essential oils to improve the whole experience. 

The massages that I give are not therapeutic, but they can help with general soreness, pains, relaxation and muscle stiffness

Next Steps…

If you find services or counselling that you connect to, feel free to contact me and discuss the possibilities. I am quite flexible and can adjust treatments to your personal needs.