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“It’s my goal to create a comfortable,

safe environment, where we’ll

work to achieve the goal together.”

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Hi, My name is Shehnaaz. I grew up in the Netherlands. As I grew up I was always interested in psychology, however my vision was already since younger that I felt only a mental treatment is not always sufficient. First I found that the connection between the mental and emotional aspect of a human being is important, and later on I found that the actual connection between the physical and the mental aspect of a human being actually matters and mostly the mental aspect influences the physical symptoms.  Some psychological symptoms can influence the physical health and some physical condition can also influence the way we think if we want to recover from a trauma. So I felt that a holistic way of looking at mental and emotional trauma or difficulties fits better with my idea of healing, health and recovery. I wanted to combine more therapies together so I can apply holistic treatments for different life issues. As I grew older, my interests broadened in the direction of spirituality and relationships. I gained more knowledge about healthy sexuality, spiritual practices and healthy lifestyle. 

I am attracted to the profession of Counselling and Therapy because I had my own trials in life. I felt it is important to have a place to speak confidentially about your issues and problems, and sometimes it wasn’t totally suitable to talk to friends or family or they were not available or I rather talked to someone who could see things more objectively. I also found that it can be difficult to see yourself objectively so you can not always be your own Counsellor. I realized that it is beneficial for your own growth and recovery from trauma or emotional difficulties, to talk to someone that listens and gives appropriate feedback. I find myself to be that person for someone who needs it.

I want to thank my teachers for giving the lessons and support during the time we spend together.

The origin of the name JUNO

The name Juno is related to an Indo-European root meaning “youth”, or possibly of Etruscan origin. In Roman mythology Juno was the Wife of Jupiter and the Queen of the Heavens. She was the Protectress of Marriage and Women, and was also the Goddess of Finance.

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