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I've started a totally new design of my website with all holistic and beauty treatments. You can find it on : www.iluminavida.ca 

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Holistic Life Counselling / Coaching

I give general counselling for  all kinds of problems and issues. Different therapies are used for the counselling sessions, RET, NLP and Coaching techniques. If requested I can also use Meditative hypnotherapy. 

If you go into the sessions you have the option to make notes, so you can reflect also later on your progress. You get a short resume of the most important points.

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Ayurvedic Consulting

Ayurveda literally means “the Science of Life”. The goal of Ayurveda is to heal your body with the best in health care for the body and mind while enhancing our self awareness and realization. You can do this preventive or curative. Foods, herbs and teas are used, but also gems and color advice might be suitable.

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Single, Relationship Counselling

As I do counselling for all kinds of problems, I’m geared towards female issues, relationship questions, sexuality, love and single questions. This is a part of my counselling where I focus on.

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Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling is useful if you have existential questions and if you feel you need some kind of feeling or expression of what makes sense in your life.

It can be that you are at a crossroad in your life where you start asking yourself some serious life questions. We can look at it together and see or feel if there are answers to these questions that give meaning to your life.

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Intimacy Counselling

Intimacy counselling is for women that have some issues or questions around their own body or their sexuality and how to improve the connection with themselves and heal their intimate relationships.

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Astrological Counselling

For people who don’t know much about astrology, there is a lot possible but also some things are not totally accurate. Astrology is more than predicting the future or looking at your Sun Sign. It’s about underlying processes within your character, your personality, your life, your love life and your career. Every person has a birth chart, made on the time that you were born. This birth chart is the basis of Astrology.

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